Here's what my students are saying!


I worked with Jennifer during my preparation for the IELTS exam. She helped me enhance my writing and speaking skills. Her help was essential for me to get an 8 out of 9 on the IELTS! If you are going to any English proficiency exam, or just want to improve your English skills, I recommend Jennifer as a teacher.


I have been taking classes with Jennifer for nearly three months now. She is very friendly and welcoming. I have fun and am learning at the same time. Jennifer clearly loves her job and makes a lot effort to help me with the English challenges in my job, such as practicing business English terms and how to communicate with my colleagues from other countries. I have been growing in my English with each class and also in my job. I highly recommend her.


My classes with Jennifer were wonderful. She is a very competent English teacher. She is an intelligent and cultured person who can communicate very well and promote rich and pleasant conversations. She is a mindful listener who can correct mistakes and give feedback precisely. Jennifer knows a lot of resources for learning English like websites, apps, books, etc, and this could help me a lot. She was my best and favorite teacher.


First of all, it is an honor to share my thanks for the great learnings I have been experiencing with Jennifer. Learning a language is not just about speaking and grammar but it is also about the people, culture, and customs. It is a worldly experience and Jennifer’s classes have included all of these aspects for me.

We have been working during the past seven months, focusing on learning English for the IELTS exam, Business English, and practicing every day conversation. She is the kindest English teach I have ever had and is always friendly and a helpful person. I improved my confidence and English skills with each class. I could see that she was attentive to every word I said, all of the time, every day. So, I really recommend the services of Jennifer and I would work with her again.


During our private classes, Jennifer was the most impressive and engaged teacher I've ever had. As a very empathetic and objective person, she is attentive to improving your English skills in a very dynamic way. Her personalized classes for IELTS preparation included very current subjects such as discussions of Ted Talks. She reviewed my resume from a professional standpoints as well, which was key to impact my personal and professional career. Her structured classes were very effective and tailor-made to my profile. Her feedback was absolutely specific to improving my weaknesses in English language. She is a very result-driven teacher who cares a lot about her students well-being and continuous improvement!


I've been working with Jennifer for almost a year now, and I can honestly tell you she is THE amazing tutor you are looking for. Within less than a year, I improved my English more than in my entire life. I've not only learned the formal and grammatically correct vocabulary, but I've also learned how to sound more confident, fluent, and natural while I'm speaking. Jennifer has all of the technical knowledge to teach you ESL or to help you with any English proficiency exam. She also has all of the soft skills to make class fun and a place where you feel safe to learn. I'm a happy student! If you are looking for an English tutor, she is the one for you! You won't regret it.